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Pregnancy after IVF

A pregnancy achieved with the help of reproductive techniques (IVF) is not much different from a pregnancy which comes naturally. But more often future mons of “test-tube babies” are more sensitive to its course and are overwhelmed with excitement and fears. No wonder they call it “crystal pregnancy”. For all women who expect baby (-ies) we offer a management of pregnancy program using an expert class ultrasound equipment.

Management of pregnancy program in Embrylife clinic

The program includes a discount on medical services included in the package as well as examination on expert class ultrasound equipment.

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We are sympathetic to the peculiarities of the condition of mums-to be and have developed a comprehensive management of pregnancy program for them. It includes all the necessary medical examinations and analysis approved by the order of the Ministry of Health No. 572N dd 01.11.2012 (amended on 17.01.2014).

Timely check-ups, regular examinations are absolutely necessary during this period to ensure the normal course of pregnancy, good health of a mum-to-be and her baby.

It is also important that unlike other clinics you will be followed up by a doctor who works in close contact with gynecologist-fertility specialist who helped your family to achieve the desired pregnancy. And it means that there will be continuity in the management of patients which certainly contributes to the optimal conditions for pregnancy.

Aim of our specialists is to minimize possible risks and do everything for pregnancy to develop calmly.

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In order a little miracle to be born, a full qualified team of specialists from all the fields will work as far as we are concerned.

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