IVF Technology

We use as a basis the technology developed by Dr. D. Dozortsev, head of the most successful reproductive medicine clinic Advanced Fertility Center of Texas, USA.

His work was appreciated by Professor R. Edwards, a Nobel Prizewinner for in vitro fertilization discovery.


Our clinic employs experts in all areas, which makes it possible for them to collectively solve your problems as soon as possible. In our clinic, you will find high professional competence of each employee rather than a specific individual.

Why Embrylife is worth visiting

We provide a full range of medical services aimed at fighting infertility – starting with examination, ending with consistent treatment, up to pregnancy control during first weeks of pregnancy, which allows to guarantee high efficiency of treatment.

High-quality IVF is an uncomplicated clinical pregnancy and birth of a healthy baby. Also, our center is known for the fact that after numerous IVF attempts in other clinics, we have patients who have significant reproductive health problems and we successfully work with them.

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