Let a child be!

The EmbryLife Center offers a whole range of services for diagnostics and treatment of both female and male infertility. Our specialists use American IVF technology: we work according to guidelines that have shown proven results in thousands of US patients. This technology has implicit excellent laboratory equipment capabilities, in strict compliance with ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) and ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) requirements.

EmbryLife is the only clinic in Russia that has been accredited by the American Association of Embryologists.

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The EmbryLife Center of Reproductive Technologies uses as a basis the technology developed by Dr. D. Dozortsev, head of the most successful reproductive medicine clinic, i.e., Advanced Fertility Center of Texas, USA; his work was appreciated by Professor R. Edwards, a Nobel Prizewinner for in vitro fertilization discovery.

The EmbryLife Center of Reproductive Technologies provides great results not only in terms of positive pregnancy cases, but also in terms of a successful and “healthy” delivery! Most of our patients are so-called “complicated” cases: high age threshold, low AMH, multiple unsuccessful IVF attempts in other clinics, concomitant diseases. But nothing is impossible! Our team will do everything possible for you to have a child!

The EmbryLife Center of Reproductive Technologies provides up-to-date genetic diagnostics that enable not only selection of your child’s sex (which is important in case of sex-dependent hereditary disorders), but also consideration of all chromosomal changes. The result is the delivery of a healthy child!

Foreign patients are attracted by the low prices, the possibility of enjoying St. Petersburg sights and the high efficiency of IVF cycles demonstrated by Russian clinics; according to the Russian Medical Tourism Association (RMTA), reproductive medicine remains one of the most popular areas of incoming medical tourism in Russia. As of 2016 year-end, almost 20,000 foreigners visited Russia for treatment and medical services, and about a quarter of them visited Russian specialists for IVF or to solve Obstetrics & Gynecology related problems. Russian reproductive medicine attracts patients for many reasons. This includes, e.g., high, European-level IVF efficiency indicators offered at a cost of two or three times lower than in Europe. Citizens of Arabian and Asian countries come to us because it is impossible to obtain such treatment in their countries for religious reasons. In some European countries, couples cannot access such procedures because of legal and statutory restrictions. Couples that are already familiar with Russia, i.e., those who lived here before or speak Russian, often come to our country as well. Some people rely on recommendations of their friends and acquaintances.

We note that in USA, the IVF procedure costs $12-17,000. In Russia it is $5-6,000.

You will have a child

  • In EmbryLife, the “fresh” IVF cycle efficiency is 45%, the cryo-transfer efficiency is 60%.
  • The EmbryLife CRT is among the TOP-5 St. Petersburg IVF clinics for infertility treatment efficiency
  • A patient will be offered various IVF treatment options, based on the medical indications
  • The guaranteed IVF enables a patient to obtain the IVF procedure for the necessary number of times, until intra-uterine pregnancy is successful.
  • The EmbryLife CRT provides a wide range of genetic research
  • The embryologists at our clinic have mastered advanced methods and technologies
  • We offer donation programs with anonymous male and female cells

Treatment of patients with low ovarian reserve (AMH ≥ 1.0)

The EmbryLife Clinic uses many advanced methods for enhancing the response to stimulation in a depleted ovarian reserve:

  • a protocol using GNRH antagonists;
  • using GNRH micro-doses in the protocol;
  • luteinizing hormone addition during the stimulation;
  • letrozole + FSH + GNRH antagonists;
  • use of dehydroepiandrosterone;
  • use of growth hormone, etc.

If no sperm are detected in the ejaculate, our specialists use testicular biopsy methods making it possible for men who were previously regarded as infertile to have children, even those men with a single (!) spermatozoon in the aspirate.

Obtaining spermatozoa by surgical methods

  • Percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration (PESA)
  • Microsurgical epididymal sperm aspiration (MESA)
  • Testicular epididymal sperm aspiration (TESA)
  • Combined microsurgical testicular sperm extraction (TESE)
  • Open testicular biopsy 

IVF Efficiency:

The “fresh” IVF cycle efficiency is 45%, the cryo-transfer efficiency is 60%.

ICSI efficiency:

In the EmbryLife Clinic, the probability of getting a good embryo with ICSI is 95%.

TESE efficiency:

In the EmbryLife Center, the IVF+TESE+ICSI protocol efficiency is 68%.

Donor oocytes:

The first-protocol success rate of donor egg IVF is 60%.