Anastasia Ezhenkova
Anastasia EzhenkovaObstetrician, gynecologist, surgeon

Gynecological surgery

Our Center of Operative and Aesthetic Gynecology offers its patients the entire modern complex of gynecological treatment (from therapy, aesthetic correction to surgery).

Our advantages

  • Team of professionals, operating gynecologists-surgeons and gynecologists-endocrinologists is perhaps the best in the city
  • We focus on conservative surgeries both in case of emergency and planned surgery
  • Laparoscopic and abdominal gynecological surgeries are always performed with regards on aesthetic
  • For women who want to restore the aesthetics of the intimate zone (lost with age, due to childbirth, trauma, etc.), we offer injection and laser gynecology
  • We treat stress urinary incontinence with non-operative but very effective methods.

Our doctors

In order a little miracle to be born, a full qualified team of specialists from all the fields will work as far as we are concerned.


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