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Psychological difficulties in accepting the diagnosis “male infertility”

The problem which in most cases can be solved is worsened by psychological rejection, unwillingness to be examined and treated, evolving into categorical refusal which may lead to problems in a family and possibly in relations with friends and colleagues. All that can be avoided if you treat the difficulties that have arisen like man – therefore carefully, trying to find an honorable way out of the situation.

Diagnosis infertility

Two loving people are dreaming of the simplest and the most marvelous miracle – a baby. Unfortunately, in life things happen that birth of a child does not occur naturally. Expectation gives way to anxiety, which is sometimes replaced by despair. But one must not give up: there are no hopeless situations, there is lack of information, lack of reliable allies or lack of one’s own activity. We have to fight for our happiness! EmbryLife center is ready to prove that there no infertile men. There are just irrational fears. There will be a child! After all, modern science can perform miracles.

The equipment of our embryological laboratories and high proficiency of specialists — cryobiologists, embryologists, geneticists — allow us to preserve eggs, sperm and embryos for a long time using cryopreservation

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Main causes for male infertility

The most frequent cause for male infertility is impaired sperm quality and/or getting it out of a body. Such disorders can occur as a result of:

DiagnosisTreatmentAlternative methods
VaricoceleSurgery (microsurgical technique, laparoscopy)IUI; IVF / ICSI
Idiopathic infertility (infertility of unknown cause)Empirical conservative therapy (often there are no promising results)IUI; IVF/ ICSI; (in case of ineffectiveness – IUI with donor sperm)
Immunologically mediated infertilityConservative therapy (quiet often can occur low-efficient), sperm capacitation is requiredIUI; IVF / ICSI
Endocrine infertilityConservative therapy depending on disruption of hormonal statusIUI; IVF/ ICSI; (in case of ineffectiveness – IUI with donor sperm)
Genital infectionComplex treatment of both partners. Medications are chosen depending on a selected pathogenIUI and/or ICSI are only possible after complex conservative treatment of both partners
Inflammatory diseasesAntibiotic treatment using auxiliary methods: massage, physiotherapy, acupuncture, etcIUI and / or IVF / ICSI
Sexual and/or ejaculatory disfunctionConservative therapy, surgeryIVF/ICSI (with possible sperm collection by testicular biopsy)
Congenital anomalies of reproductive systemSurgeryIUI; IVF/ICSI; IUI with donor sperm
AzoospermiaDiagnostic biopsy of scrotum organs with histological examinationICSI with an attempt to obtain sperm by biopsy of testicles and epididymis
Bad habits, environmental and other factorsElimination of harmful factors influenceIUI; IVF / ICSI

Male infertility classification

According to modern classification male infertility is subdivided into:

Peculiarities of taking and interpretation of semen analysis in Embrylife Center:

Normally semen analysis is performed according to WHO standards. However, standards of semen analysis indices proposed by World Health Organization are approximate. Our laboratory indicates sperm quality of ejaculate adjusted for region, nationality and other features, which allows to set individual and reliable standards for a patient.

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