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Maria Dadaykina

Maria Dadaykina


Biography and education

  • Graduated with honors St. Petersburg Pavlov First State Medical University, with a degree in “Clinical Medicine”
  • Completed internship training in “General Medicine” at St. Petersburg Pavlov First State Medical University, Department of Research Institute of rheumatology and allergology, at St. Petersburg Pavlov First State Clinical rheumatological hospital 25, St. Petersburg City Polyclinic 34
  • Certificate “General Medicine” valid until 31.08.2021
  • Attends seminars on regular basis, participates in research conferences:

    1. 2016 — participation in the federal project "Heart in the Big City"
    2. 2017 — Russian Cardiological Society seminar "Features of cardiovascular diseases in women"
    3. 2018 — International Society Workshop on the Study and Effective Control of Stress and Related Disorders
    4. 2018 — scientific and educational project "School of Clinical Pulmonology"

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