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Larisa Dadayeva

Larisa Dadayeva



  • Стаж работы в области психологии более 15 лет

Biography and education

  • Graduated from Ogarev State University of Mordovia in 1996, with a degree in practical psychology
  • Additional training at the East European Institute of Psychoanalysis, St. Petersburg
  • Analytical psychologist, perinatal and family counseling

Additional education and advanced training

  1. “Medical (clinical) psychology”
  2. “Perinatal psychology, psychopathology and psychotherapy”
  3. “Systemic and dynamic family therapy”
  4. “Handling of feelings in critical situations. Methods for short-term and supportive therapy”
  5. “Russian and Austrian Project for Training of Pediatric and Adolescent Psychotherapists”
  6. “Catathymic and Imaginative Psychotherapy” (guided affective imagery)”
  7. “Art-therapy methods in counseling”
  8. “Healing abilities of dancing. Practice of dance movement therapy”
  9. “Sexology and psychotherapy of the XXI century. West and East - bridges of friendship and cooperation”
  10. Dr Matthias Hirsch international seminar “One's Body as an Object: A Psychoanalytic View of Dissociation and Staging of the Body"
  11. Methodical preparation and supervision of conducting Balint groups., Dr Dadayeva is certified as a presenter of Balint groups nn accordance with the criteria of the International Balint Federation.

Principal areas of activity

  • Individual psychoanalytical counseling
  • Family counseling

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