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The EmbryLife Center offers a whole range of services for diagnostics and treatment of both female and male infertility. Our specialists use American IVF technology: we work according to guidelines that have shown proven results in thousands of US patients. This technology has implicit excellent laboratory equipment capabilities, in strict compliance with ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) and ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) requirements.

EmbryLife is the only clinic in Russia that has been accredited by the American Association of Embryologists.

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Guaranteed IVF

The EmbryLife Clinic keeps on being concerned about the affordability of the in vitro fertilization procedure and improving the financial transparency of the treatment. We began to develop “packages” that have become a unique financial insurance for our patients: the risk of spending more than expected for purchasing the necessary drugs was assumed by the EmbryLife Clinic. Patients may now be absolutely confident of the possible planning of their costs throughout the stimulation period.

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EmbryLife is Russia’s first and only IVF center where the fixed sum includes the entire amount of drugs needed for stimulation. We know that it is different for each patient, but we guarantee that there will not be any extra payments or unplanned expenses.

The next step we took was the development of the “Guaranteed IVF” program.

The “Guaranteed IVF” programs were first proposed in the United States. Thanks to the scientific support of the American College of Embryology, represented by its President Dr. D. Dozortsev and of Michael Allon, lead fertility specialist at one of the most successful IVF clinics in the United States, the Advanced Fertility Center of Texas, the “Guaranteed IVF” program offered by the EmbryLife Center is absolutely transparent, scientifically grounded and effective.

The “Guaranteed IVF” program at EmbryLife enables the patient to obtain an IVF procedure for the necessary number of times, until intra-uterine pregnancy is successful. If the first attempt fails, the second, third and further attempts will be made until there is success.

The cost of participation in the program is € 3700

It is a known fact that the pregnancy rate following the IVF procedure averages 40%. It should be understood that the probability of getting pregnant at the first try is not high. Due to the additive (or cumulative) effect, the pregnancy rate following three attempts reaches up to 80%.

Only those patients who meet the age and health criteria are eligible for the program. Therefore, prior to entering the program, you will have to undergo a complete examination in our clinic. The physicians of EmbryLife will only recommend the “Guaranteed IVF” program if they are absolutely confident in its success. However, we understand that many more than 2 or 3 attempts may be required, and the clinic assumes this financial risk.

In the United States, such programs are also called “risk sharing.” On the happy occasions when pregnancy occurs on the first try, the financial risks are borne by the patients. But this does not stop anyone, for the pregnancy brings long-awaited happiness to the family. The clinic also assumes the financial risks in case of repeated IVF cycles.

The program includes all IVF phases:

  • Stimulation of superovulation with U/S and hormonal monitoring of folliculogenesis
  • U/S guided transvaginal follicular paracentesis
  • Anesthesia service for follicular paracentesis
  • Fertilization of ova with the use of the ICSI method
  • Embryo in vitro cultivation, including embryo cultivation until the blastocyst stage     
  • Embryo transfer into the uterine cavity
  • Freezing of the remaining viable embryos and their storage until completion of participation in the “Guaranteed IVF” program
  • Formulation of a stimulated cycle luteal phase support program
  • Pregnancy testing through determination of chorionic gonadotropin in the blood serum on the 14th day after embryonal transfer; ultrasound study to confirm pregnancy within 3 and 5 weeks after the embryonal transfer.
  • If pregnancy does not occur in the IVF cycle, the program includes the cost of subsequent thawing, cultivation and transfer of embryos
  • The cryo-preserved embryos should be transferred into the uterine cavity before the start of each subsequent IVF cycle.

IVF - In vitro fertilization


The program does not include:

  • The cost of the preliminary examination conducted before the IVF cycle
  • The cost of additional examinations in case of unsuccessful IVF attempts, such as hysterosalpingography, endometrial biopsy, sperm analysis, hormonal testing, testing for infections, etc.
  • The cost of blastomere biopsy and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis
  • The cost of non-IVF-related procedures and surgery (laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, curettage of the uterine cavity in case of missed miscarriage, etc.)
  • The cost of donor sperm and donor ova
  • The cost of treating complications associated with the IVF procedure, including ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, complicated pregnancy, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, etc.
  • The cost of storage of the cryo-preserved embryos after the onset of pregnancy or completion of the program (whichever occurs earlier)
  • The cost of all drugs, including superovulation stimulation drugs under the IVF program

Eligibility criteria for the “Guaranteed IVF” program:

  • Age under 35 at the time of starting the program
  • Past medical history of less than 3 unsuccessful IVF attempts
  • Records availability of prior IVF with a stimulation protocol
  • The patient should be non-smoking, or should give up smoking at least three months before starting the program
  • Consent for the ICSI procedure, transfer of 2 or 3 embryos into the uterine cavity and for cryo-preservation of the remaining viable embryos

Reproductive system condition:

  • No obesity, i.e., BMI under 29
  • No signs of endometriosis, polycystic ovarian disease or endometrial pathology
  • No history of ovarian surgery
  • The FSH blood level on the 2nd or 3rd day of the cycle should not exceed 9.0 IU/L, the AMH level should be from 1 ng/ml to 2.5 ng/ml
  • Availability of two ovaries available for transvaginal paracentesis, with at least 10 antral follicles (in two ovaries) on the 2nd or 3rd day of the menstrual cycle
  • Endometrial thickness of at least 8 mm on the 13th or 14th day of the menstrual cycle
  • Absence of hydrosalpinx
  • No myomatous nodes of more than 2.5 cm in diameter
  • No submucous myomas, polyps, synechiae or adhesions in the uterine cavity
  • No myomatous nodes causing deformity of the uterine cavity
  • No cervical deformity that can impede trans-cervical embryonal transfer