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The EmbryLife Center offers a whole range of services for diagnostics and treatment of both female and male infertility. Our specialists use American IVF technology: we work according to guidelines that have shown proven results in thousands of US patients. This technology has implicit excellent laboratory equipment capabilities, in strict compliance with ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) and ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) requirements.

EmbryLife is the only clinic in Russia that has been accredited by the American Association of Embryologists.

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Cryo-preservation is freezing of material (from small periods to several dozen years) for use in the future. Currently, the Center provides freezing for long-term storage of the following materials:

  • sperm
  • embryos
  • eggs


When cryo-freezing is needed:

• for storing embryos remaining after in vitro fertilization;
• for storing sperm (own);
• for storing egg (own);
• donor sperm bank creation

Embryonal cryo-preservation is performed, if embryos with very good parameters remain after the IVF treatment of a patient. The frozen embryos are stored in special plastic straws in liquid nitrogen. The storage period of the embryos is unlimited. Successful pregnancy and delivery cases have been reported with the use of embryos stored for 10 years. The embryos are frozen at zygote, 2-, 4- and 8-cell stages.


The EmbryLife Center only uses up-to-date cryo-preservation methods. Our specialists have mastered the method of vitrification (quick freezing) and can guarantee high embryonal survival after thawing, which means that delayed embryonal transfer may be used. This reduces the risk of severe hyperstimulation syndrome and improves the implantation conditions for embryos transferred into the uterine cavity, so we can provide a conservative method of subsequent IVF cycles for the woman.