Let a child be!

The EmbryLife Center offers a whole range of services for diagnostics and treatment of both female and male infertility. Our specialists use American IVF technology: we work according to guidelines that have shown proven results in thousands of US patients. This technology has implicit excellent laboratory equipment capabilities, in strict compliance with ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) and ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) requirements.

EmbryLife is the only clinic in Russia that has been accredited by the American Association of Embryologists.

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35 Sadovaya St., St. Petersburg, Russia


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Two loving people are dreaming about the simplest and still most incomprehensible wonder - a child. Unfortunately, in some cases it is impossible to have a child naturally. The waiting gives way to anxiety, which in its turn changes to despair. But you must not give up: there is always a way out. You may just lack information, reliable allies or your own activity. You should fight for your happiness! The EmbryLife Center is willing to prove to you that there are no infertile women. There are just unproductive fears. You will have a child! Modern science works wonders.

  • IVF is the fusion of technology and art. Therefore, EmbryLife is based on the technology developed by Dr. Dmitry Dozortsev, whose work was repeatedly appreciated by Prof. Robert Edwards, a Noble laureate for the in vitro fertilization discovery.
  • Dr. Dozortsev is President of the American College of Embryology and head of one of the most successful reproduction clinics in the United States, Advanced Fertility Center of Texas.  
  • EmbryLife has the latest equipment.  Therefore, you will find most the up-to-date and tested technologies in our clinic. 
  • Moreover, we have considered the multiple wishes of other clinics’ patients.

Here are just a few of our specific features:

  • The EmbryLife Reproduction and Family Planning Center uses the protocols that have proven effective in thousands of US patients.
  • Our important advantage consists of a full range of services: from examination through consistent treatment, to follow-up in the first weeks of pregnancy, it is all performed at the EmbryLife Center. On the one hand, it is for the patients’ convenience. On the other hand, such a system makes it possible to guarantee high quality of the services.
  • The high professional competence of each employee rather than a specific individual should be noted. The fertility specialists and embryologists at the EmbryLife Center were trained and certified in the United States on a special program.
  • The important points, certainly, include financial matters. EmbryLife practices open pricing: You will be informed about the full treatment cost as early as the preliminary stage, rather than during the cycle. Moreover, you may consider phased payment for the treatment.
  • EmbryLife is a successor to the best traditions of GrandMed Clinic that has demonstrated exclusively high quality of work and professional competence.
  • And let us end with important “details.” While they are not predominant in choosing a clinic, peace of mind and a sense of comfort depend on them. The design and layout of the rooms, smells and sounds, attention and care: all this is difficult to tell about and is easy to feel in our clinic.

We strived to make a clinic that would provide you with comfort and effective treatment. Welcome to EmbryLife Reproductive Technologies Center!